Me Myself and I

 I’m a British Copywriter based in NY. After four years in agencies like McCann Erickson and Euro RSCG, I’ve spent the last year in Comms for a Fortune 500 Media Publisher on the 44th floor in Rockefeller center. I’ve had to get the hang of writing Humor, not humour, center, not centre, saying DaTa Proh-sess, not Dayta Proe-sess, and the American love of Acronyms, (or Anacronisms).

I’ve been a Ghost Tour Guide, a Bingo Caller, a Mountain Walker, a portrait painter, a barmaid, a singer, an animator, a carer, a Tetris Champion and a poker tutor. I’ve written about cars and cookers, asset finance and motorbikes, spent the night in a haunted Bingo club and organised events at the Royal Automobile Club. I’ve jumped out of a plane and I’ve crashed a car, sung with a band and got lost in Tokyo. I’ve talked to the Kings of Leon, Bill Murray, a Priminister or two and a Cajun Harmonica player. I’ve lost someone I loved and found many friends I want to enjoy as long as possible. I’m good at following my heart, and laughing loudly, and I speak too fast.

I like to get behind a brief, to sell, but also to create a dialogue with individuals, not ‘ABC1s’. Nobody likes being shouted at. (Although I’m not the quietest  in the room).  I’ve worked with Land Rover, Walmart, Jaguar, Avis, Mitsubishi, Bentley, Goodyear-Dunlop, New Era, Harley Davison, Mercedes and a number of household brands. Script, site or strategy, tweet, tag or typo.

I co-founded a Scottish Production company in 2005 which is still going strong, and in London enjoyed placements with the BBC, iD magazine and Christies. I got Curb Media 200,000 site-hits in 48 hours thanks to glow-in-the-dark bacteria, and have delivered web, radio, outdoor and television campaigns.

If you need me get in touch. And do that even if you don’t.

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