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December 14, 2010

Everybody blogs. Sometimes.

I live in New York. I write. I draw. I walk. I laugh. I have three rules:

  • The best investment you can make is in memories
  • Be Interested more than Interesting
  • Behave towards others as you would have them behave towards you

There’s another one: “Don’t just chuck Spam at chickenwire and see what drips off” – but I have difficulty sticking to that.

I like to push friends down the street on office chairs. I like to try 3am Parkour in inapropriate shoes. I like Teriyaki Beef Jerky until it makes me feel sick. I like live music. I like Binbags to be used as a form of sledge that works on grass. I like lists. I think Inanimate Object Charades is a family game you play at Christmas. I exceed the recommended Alcohol units per week. I think Mulled Wine looks great in Polystyrene cups with rude words written on. I don’t eat as well as I used to. I think Blogs are for Verbal Diorrhea that makes friends, rather than offends.